Minecraft creator releases new game – Cliffhorse

Markus “Notch” Persson’s has released his first commercial game since Minecraft – it’s called Cliffhorse – and ostensibly it is about a horse running along the side of a cliff.

The game is available to download for Windows only, and to show your thanks you can donate a few Dogecoins to its maker.

Notch has warned that there is “no guarantee of future updates” for the game, and poked a bit of fun at himself on Twitter after its release.

Notch says Cliffhorse has earned more than 280,000 Dogecoins, or $100, so far.

Notch's Tweet

Notch’s Tweet

I had a quick go at the game while writing this up, and it really is just a horse running around on grassy hills.

There was a large cow skin ball rolling around, but I spent my time trying to get my steed to fall over – the physics are not what you would call realistic.



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Minecraft creator releases new game – Cliffhorse

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