Top MMOs are losing their players

Mists of Pandaria

SuperData recently released its US digital games market report, which showed us who not only rules the MMO roost, but what the current trend is for pay-to-play titles.

World of Warcraft is in top-spot, with a rather large lead in terms of revenue and market share, followed by Lineage 1, and Tera: Online.

The table, below, shows the top 10 MMOs for 2013.

Top Subscriber-Based MMOs

Top Subscriber-Based MMOs

The report, however, focused on the fact that the player base for subscriber-based MMOs has been in decline since 2010, dropping to 23.4 million players this year.

To offset the loss of revenue from declining player numbers, games are now moving towards mico-transactions to rake in the cash.

“In the past five years, the percentage of revenue for subscription-based MMO generated via additional in-game microtransactions has roughly doubled from 14% for 27%. In addition, the average digital spend, in addition to the monthly fee, has tripled from $16 to $46, worldwide,” the report stated.

“Despite the overall decline, this category has so far managed to maximize their ability to monetise a shrinking, yet loyal, player base.”

As you can see, below, player numbers have been in sharp decline since the high of 2010.

MMO Subsciptions in Decline

MMO Subsciptions in Decline

Do you play any of these titles, or pay-to-play MMOs? Are you getting bored of them? Let us know in the comments and forum.

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Top MMOs are losing their players

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