Tim Schafer calls Bobby Kottick a “total prick”, Activision responds

Man, you’ve got to love Tim Schafer, even if Brutal Legend was mediocre and the man is clearly still riding the coattails of his early successes with Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle – OK, so those are some pretty epic coattails.

Anyways, Schaefer recently publically proclaimed a sentiment that many gamers will identify with, when he called Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick a “dick”, a “total prick”, and best of all, a “ball bearing enthusiast.”

Activision Blizzard has hit back (sort of), claiming that “Tim Schafer’s comment that Bobby Kotick ‘makes a big deal about not liking games’ just isn’t true,” going on to explain that  “Bobby has always been passionate about games, and loves the video game industry. But as CEO of a company that makes games enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, the demands on his time now make it difficult to play games as often as he’d like to or as much as he once did.”

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Maryanne Lataid finished by adding, “as Schafer himself notes, he has never actually met Bobby Kotick.” Take that Tim. 

Interestingly, she didn’t have anything to say regarding the allegations that Kottick is a “total prick,” and a “dick.” 

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Tim Schafer calls Bobby Kottick a “total prick”, Activision responds