Sierra is making a comeback


Sierra – best known for their seminal graphic adventure games such as the Space Quest and Police Quest series [and don’t forget they published Homeworld and F.E.A.R too -Ed] – is set to make a comeback at Gamescom 2014.

According to a short video, posted below, and a new website, the publisher is set to return following its absorption into its parent company – then Activision – in 2008.

The video and website simply show the Sierra logo and the words “Gamescom 2014”, and all leads point towards Activision reactivating the brand. Gamescom takes place from 13 – 17 August 2014 in Germany.

Since Activision took full control of Sierra they have done nothing with the label, and hopes are that the Gamescom reveal will be accompanied by some new game announcements.

Maybe an HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry to kick things off? [Ugh. It’ll be like Duke Nukem Forever all over again -Ed]

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Sierra is making a comeback

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