Digital PC games dominate the sales charts

According to recently released figures, digital downloads account for 92% of all PC game sales across the globe.

If your maths skills are not that great, this means that physical copies of games make up only 8% of global sales, annually.

Analysts DFC Intelligence, speaking to PCR, said that although this benchmark, set in 2013, is incredibly high, it is expected to increase in the coming years.

In the UK in 2013, £1.18 billion was made from the sale of mobile, console, and PC games through downloads – an increase of 16.4% compared to 2012. Physical game sales in 2013 racked up £1.015 billion during the same period.

Despite being overshadowed in sales numbers, physical game sales – as the figures show us – still contribute a large chunk to game publishers’ revenue streams.

DFC also said that PC game sales were ahead of console games sales, in terms of revenue.

I think we can thank Steam for a large chunk of the digital sales.

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Digital PC games dominate the sales charts

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