Steam accounts hacked through Twitch links

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Steam users out there take note: there have been reports of accounts being hacked and money taken out of gamers’ Steam wallets after following links in Twitch’s chat section.

According to a security notice posted by Twitch, unsuspecting gamers have been clicking on a “csgoprize” link in the chat section which promises an entry into a weekly raffle to win Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items.

The link, once clicked, leads to a Java programme which asks gamers to enter their name and email address. If the warning lights were not flashing and the unsuspecting victim continued, a programme would then be installed on their PC which would gain access the present Steam account.

Twitch said it is working to block the link, and if gamers are concerned of future attacks, they should block the “hyperlink” function in the chat menu (under Channel & Video settings).

Twitch Twitter

Twitch Twitter

Any gamers had their Steam account hacked? Tell us about it in the comments and forum.

Source: Gamespot

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Steam accounts hacked through Twitch links

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