Meet the Tetris Master: the ultimate gamer

When it comes down to deciding which gamers are better than others, you need a title to judge them on. Few can argue that Tetris is one of those deciding titles.

If you are shaking your head, hold on for a second – you have not seen Tetris played in the way KevinDDR stacks the blocks.

During an Awesome Games Done Quick speedrun marathon this past week, a group of gamers played through Tetris: The Grandmaster. The full run goes on for over an hour (video below) and is full of the maddest Tetris skills you will ever see.

Things just become silly towards the end when Kevin unlocks a high-speed invisible round while the game’s credits roll – starting around 1:10:53.

Before you watch this video, be warned: you will never consider yourself a good Tetris player again.

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Meet the Tetris Master: the ultimate gamer

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