Mortal Kombat X has micro-transactions, and they’re bad news

Mortal Kombat X

Here’s a topic for some hot debate: NetherRealm Studios has implemented micro-transactions in Mortal Kombat X that allow for things like easier fatalities. The going rate at the moment is 5 fatalities for $0.99 (about R12). Alternatively, you can purchase a pack of 30, according to KitGuru, for $4.99 (R60).

In spite of the solid reception for Mortal Kombat X thus far, this is the perfect example of how not to do micro-transactions. We thought you were better than this, NetherRealm.

At the moment, Mortal Kombat X on Steam doesn’t look to have any available micro-transactions, or at least they aren’t visible on the store page. But we expect more backlash and criticism should they be added.

According to KitGuru, there are earnable in-game tokens that will also allow for easy fatalities, so why would anyone buy this junk? We suspect that NetheRealm will remove them shortly and refund anyone who made the purchase. Perhaps it’s a dastardly scheme to gain some additional press.

Source: KitGuru

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Mortal Kombat X has micro-transactions, and they’re bad news

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