Call of Duty: Mankind Divided… erhm, Deus Ex: Black Ops 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

No one was surprised when Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was announced. It’s become a fairly predictable franchise, to say the least. The only new development the series has seen in the last few years was the introduction of a third development studio, Sledgehammer Games, and their take on the franchise, Advanced Warfare. We’re not saying that the series is bad, Advanced Warfare practically outsold everything last year, but dreary, certainly.

Eidos Montreal Treyarch, developers for the Black Ops games in the franchise, have hit upon an approach to bring something new to the series, steal Deus Ex’s idea. No seriously, even Eidos Montreal and Square Enix seem to agree:

Told you so. Watch the trailer yourself and see what we mean.

With the world reveal taking place on April 26th, we’re presuming that means gameplay of some sort, we’re fairly curious to see exactly what Treyarch stole. We kid, we’re sure they were just inspired by similar veins of thought. But if Adam Jensen makes an appearance in Black Ops 3 then all bets are off.

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Call of Duty: Mankind Divided… erhm, Deus Ex: Black Ops 3

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