Singleplayer GTA V PC mods won’t lead to banning

Grand Theft Auto V - GTA V

In recent news, Rockstar has addressed its mod policy regarding Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on PC.

Following reports from many fans that they were being banned for using mods within the game. Rockstar has spoken about their mod policy in regards to GTA V.

The mod policy for the latest PC version of the game hasn’t changed all that much since GTA IV.

Like GTA IV, in GTA V singleplayer PC mods are totally acceptable; it’s when mods are used in the multiplayer space, GTA Online, that Rockstar takes issue with mods.

In a Q&A post, Rockstar spoke about their concerns at length. The concerns lie with the problem that mods within GTA V’s multiplayer modes may affect the game’s balance.

The focus for Rockstar is protecting GTA Online from mods that give players an unfair advantage, break gameplay mechanics and cause general issues for players.

In attempting to do so, the latest GTA V PC update had the unintended effect of making certain singleplayer mods unplayable in the game.

Rockstar simply can’t promise that technical updates won’t cause problems with singeplayer mods, because they are unauthorised in the first place, and understandably so. As such, mods may be broken by further game updates, causing stability issues or affecting the game in numerous other, dis-likable ways.

Furthermore, Rockstar said that the reality is that a tiny minority of players are cheating in GTA Online, and this, in itself, can have a negative impact overall. Solving this issues requires different approaches for both consoles and PCs.

While it may be unrealistic to solve the problem of cheating the game, Rockstar are constantly rolling out fixes for specific exploits in the hope of curbing cheating in GTA Online.

Modders should be able to freely mod GTA V within the singleplayer mode. But Rockstar do have a valid point in the argument that mods could, and will almost certainly, affect the balance of GTA Online negatively.

We all know the rage a gamer feels when someone else is obviously using hacks and mods to enhance how they play online.

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Singleplayer GTA V PC mods won’t lead to banning

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