Hi-Rez raises funds for Nepal relief using Smite


Hi-Rez, the developer behind popular MOBA Smite, has taken a rather unique approach to raising funds for Nepal earthquake relief.

 Nepal Earthquake Relief Chest

We love the inspired approach Hi-Rez is taking to raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake Relief.

This is a great news. The death toll from the Nepal’s latest earthquake has risen to 125, as of the writing of this article. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.3, and along with the 125 dead, 2,500 people were also injured.

Hi-Rez’s relief effort includes the unveiling of the new Nepal Earthquake Relief Chest in Smite, at the cost of 400 gems. Gems in Smite are the game’s currency and are earned by redeeming codes, through in-game promotions and real money purchases.

The chest contains rare, and exclusive, skins including:

  • Lucky Baby Fuwa (Cupid)
  • The Sydney Shredder (He Bo)
  • Orbital Strike (Rama),
  • Jaguar Footballer (Xbalanque)
  • Ra’Merica (Ra)
  • Soldier of Fortune (Ares)

For every chest sold, Hi-Rez will donate $2 to American Red Cross to help with the Nepal earthquake relief and affect humanitarian aid.

Raising funds for Nepal earthquake relief isn’t only unique to Hi-Rez, however, as Ubisoft’s Far Cry team has pledged to match donations made to the Canadian Red Cross of up to $100,000.

The Nepal Earthquake Relief Chest will be available until May 17th, for anyone that is interested and happens to play Smite.

Rather than trying to guilt funds out of your pocket, Hi-Rez’s approach to raising funds for earthquake relief is a more agreeable one.

Sources: CNN, PCGamer

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Hi-Rez raises funds for Nepal relief using Smite

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