Fallout 4 to be announced later today

Fallout 4

With Bethesda as well as the rest of the ZeniMax Media group, like id Software, set to host their own press conference at E3, rumours of Fallout 4 were bound to take place.

Then, like clockwork, new evidence for Fallout 4’s development is leaked and the gaming anticipation grows.

In fact, it’s grown so fervently that even the announcement that Doom will be on show at Bethesda’s E3 press conference, has been dwarfed significantly – and this is Doom of all things.

So imagine the sort of reaction Bethesda themselves garnered when they went live with this tweet:

That’s right, a countdown clock for what is presumably Fallout 4, given the clock’s aesthetic and style, is currently counting down for something set to happen later today – around 14 hours and 38 minutes from now to be precise.

As you might imagine, gamers are losing their minds – 35, 000+ Retweets and 29,700+ Favourites (at the time of writing) is no joke. But it will be pretty funny if this turns out to be a troll on Bethesda’s behalf

We can’t wait. That’s why we’ve already gone live with our wishlist for Fallout 4.

You can check out the countdown clock yourselves by simply going here.

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Fallout 4 to be announced later today

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