Fallout 4 is coming: it’s exactly what we wanted

Fallout 4

When Bethesda announced a Fallout flavoured countdown clock, the collective internet lost its mind.

Imagine what would have happened if this turned out to be anything but Fallout 4? It’s good news then it seems.

We sort of knew it was coming as an hour before the official announcement, the game’s long-awaited revelation was leaked, including the apparent box art for Fallout 4, sending waves of jubilation across the world and internet.

It’s confirmed ladies and gents, Fallout 4 is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime in the future.

Fallout 4 Box art

Fallout 4’s Box Art – It’s so tiny.

But we wanted to see the trailer: as the countdown timer expired, most of us, here in South Africa anyway, couldn’t get the damn page to load.

We’ve all been waiting a long time for this, constantly being disappointed as it continually failed to be announced at events like E3, year after year. But we tenaciously struggled on, and it’s here.

After spending a long time staring at the grey, vintage television and its ‘Please Stand By’ screen like your dad waiting for cartoons to come on when he was a kid, the trailer finally begins.

The camera zooms out of the quirky retro television to reveal a dilapidated room devastated by the game’s preceding nuclear apocalypse, with a pleasant tune playing the background.

A German Sheperd bolts in, seemingly following a trail, and the camera follows the cute guy’s exploration of a blown-out apartment.

Fallout 4

A happy family attending to their baby in the Golden Age of nuclear technology is shown in the flashbacks as well, the father possibly being the protagonist.

Suddenly, the radio announcer declares the detonation of nuclear warheads, queuing the annihilation of life as we know it. Back to the present, the pooch seems alerted by the chaos and bounds out the apartment into a scourged suburb.

Fallout 4

The flashbacks continue sporadically as the dog runs along, juxtaposing the happy and colourful suburban world and the grim, ghastly post-apocalyptic one.

This suggests that gameplay may veer between the utopian past and dystopian present.

Perhaps it could just be a prologue highlighting the events leading up to the apocalypse, as frantic middle-class families are seen scrambling towards the ‘Vaults’ which will ensure their survival from the earth being peppered with atomic hellfire – suddenly, we’re presented with an iconic vault.

Fallout 4

A person rises out, shielding his or her face from long-forgotten sunshine, gazing out into the nuclear wasteland.

Next, we see a montage of highly titillating environments: A modified pirate ship floats above ground adorned with futuristic rocket-boosters or the like.

Fallout 4

A gloomy, devastated street surrounds a shady, gangster-like figure staggering along.

Fallout 4

A Brahmin trudges along with its heavy pack in a scorched and depressing countryside.

Fallout 4

Various settlements are briefly shown, from makeshift towns like ‘Megatron’ to still-standing actual towns that survived Armageddon.

Fallout 4

‘Brotherhood of Steel’ members are shown patrolling in their impressive Power Armour.

Fallout 4

Several airships are shown, hinting at possible flying or at least fast-travel by air.

Fallout 4

A large warehouse shop is seen full of ‘Ghouls’ charging at the player.

Fallout 4

We then see another flashback, with a bunch of unfortunate people just-missing entering the Vault’s security, reeling at the impact and light of a massive mushroom-cloud.

The final scene of the trailer returns to the dog, coming across an intricate suit of Power Armour hoisted on chains in a desolate garage.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4

He finally sniffs out his master on a nearby highway, who seems to be the protagonist of the story, decked out in a Vault suit equipped with the integral ‘Pip-Boy 3000’, slinging a modded rifle.

Fallout 4

Queue the Fallout 4 logo and man-tears.

Fallout 4

In regards to the visual aesthetics of Fallout 4, it’s made pretty clear that this time around we will be exploring post-apocalyptic Boston, as previous rumours have constantly hinted it.

Visual hints to the past and the present of the Fallout world were made bright as day, and it is an exciting affair to say the least.

It appears that Fallout is definitely using a new engine – it’s either that, Bethesda’s Creation Engine or id’s Tech 5 engine – new with amazingly detailed structures rendered, the beautiful textures of the wasteland landscape, to the creature textures used on NPCs like the dog which features primarily in this first trailer.

We’re seeing a vast improvement visually from what we had seen in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.

With Fallout 4, the reality that the open world genre may truly be expanded is promising.

With a modified, or newly developed engine, Bethesda will hopefully wow us with an open world experience that may even trump Skyrim.

The hype for E3 is real and Bethesda’s press conference is looking to be centre stage.

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Fallout 4 is coming: it’s exactly what we wanted

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