Shadow Warrior 2 announced, watch the first teaser here

Shadow Warrior

If you’re an old-school gamer, you should be pretty-familiar with the cheeky 1997 FPS classic Shadow Warrior, an Eastern-inspired shooter from 3D Realms. That’s right, the guys behind Duke Nukem 3D.

You may also be familiar with the 2013 reboot by Flying Wild Hog, the same developers who worked on the rather enjoyable Hard Reset.

It didn’t set the world on fire, but it was adored by gamers, and that’s all Flying Wild Hog really needed to make another.

Shadow Warrior 2 will follow up the campy and self-aware reboot. The game was announced via Devolver Digital’s Twitter account:

No platforms or release windows have been announced, but we expect to hear more details when E3 rolls around next week.

Do we need more Wang? You bet we do. Check out the (silent) teaser below:

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Shadow Warrior 2 announced, watch the first teaser here

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