Final Fantasy VII’s remake is actually happening

Final Fantasy VII Remake - Image by yongkykun

After the rumours broke yesterday we were about as optimistic as always – hopeful but unconvinced.

As it turns out, the rumours were right on the money, or rather the Gil, because Final Fantasy VII is getting the remake we’ve always wanted.

The news broke during Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference, and my oh my were we excited – ecstatic is probably a more accurate word.

From the narrated intro we’re going to guess that a number of new elements, learnt since the original release of Final Fantasy VII and overall inception of 3D Final Fantasy titles, will be introduced – we’re hoping voiced characters.

Perhaps the best news for us gamers, however, is that Final Fantasy VII’s remake isn’t a PS4 exclusive.

It will release to PS4 first, but Square Enix will almost certainly be releasing it to Xbox One – it might even make the PC.

Just don’t expect it to release any time soon.

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Final Fantasy VII’s remake is actually happening

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