PewDiePie and the hate he gets for earning $7 (R87) million


We all know YouTubers can make a pretty-penny from their uploaded videos on the Google-owned platform, but exactly how much money do gaming YouTubers actually make?

A lot.

PewDiePie, one of the most subscribed-to gaming channels racks up hundreds of thousands of views per video, and this turns into some serious moola.

Felix Kjellberg, 25, is the guy behind the channel and its sole content creator. And if you thought “well, he’s big on the net, but surely he can’t make that much money!?”, you’d be sorely mistaken.

Kjellberg racked in around $7 million in 2014, which translates to over R87 million down here in the good ol’ Republic of South Africa.

While his fans were happy that Kjellberg was rewarded for his hard work on PewDiePie, a lot of critics came calling too. This sparked a video from Kjellberg to discuss his money-making and address the haters.

What people don’t think about until it’s in their face is that I have nine billion views, and that translates to something,” PewDiePie says. “I have ads on my videos and that translates to something.

They thought I just sit on my ass all day and just yell at the screen over here, which is true! But there’s so much more to it than that, and I understand haters are gonna hate, right?

Amen, PewDie.

Check out his video below:

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  • Charl van der Merwe

    Nothing against PewdiePie, he is appealing to a specific market good on him for taking the gap, but you’re immature if you Subscribe to his rubbish, simple as.

  • Phil

    As if maturity has any real value!

  • Anon.

    Haters will always hate. Potatoes will always potate.

  • moonwalkingdead

    because of this video he is making money by people watching him talk about money.

  • Vorastra

    It’s value is indicative of how long an adult can tolerate said person.

  • Sink Bobo

    I watch and enjoy it. Most of the time. You need a special character for that.

  • reVelske

    I will never understand why people find a person who purposely speaks like a mentally deficient whilst playing video game to be appealing.

  • Prodeathpenalty

    People complain but still they are the ones watching and giving him views. I dont watch his garbage and could never stand the kind of crap he puts out. So I dont watch his vids and im not subbed. It is pathetic that you can make garbage, useless crap and make so much money while others are working themselves to death earning almost nothing!
    Sick world! All these bloody sheep with their iphones and their trendy crap making it easy for people like mr pediepieface.

  • anon

    😀 I think its really awesome that he’s getting money for all the people watching his “money” vid. PS don’t you think he looks a little like Greg Minnaar?

  • I for one hate his videos, not him, because his videos are annoying, and there are loads of annoying kids who like to spread annoying crap all over the place for the sake of being annoying.

  • Kristoffel Wiesyafader

    I’m not a big fan. Some of his videos are very funny, most are just annoying. But he made it. He took a platform that is open to anyone and got rich. Instead of complaining, make your own channel. Keep at it for 5 years and you could get rich too. I think there are worse people on YouTube. I’d rather not mention names because you will all go watch the first 5 seconds of his videos and I don’t want him to make money. Yes, I’m also a very jealous c*nt.

PewDiePie and the hate he gets for earning $7 (R87) million

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