Unreal Engine 4: the home of Sonic and Mario

Mario and Sonic - Unreal Engine 4

Thanks in no small part to aspiring developers like Aryok Pineral and YouTuber CryZENx, weirdly, Mario has become the unofficial mascot for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.

Having initially demonstrated what Unreal Engine 4 can do for Nintendo’s famous plumber, wannabe developers have taken to throwing Mario in a number of Unreal Engine 4 powered scenarios.

Take this Boy and his Kite demo as an example. Mario has been thrown into the lush, Unreal Engine 4 powered tundra, and we are already imagining potential gaming scenarios as a result.

It’s a demonstration, no more, no less. But as a demonstration, we can’t help but think about what Nintendo’s upcoming console, the NX, will achieve for Mario.

And how about Mario’s former rival, Sonic.

Sonic has been given the Unreal Engine 4 makeover and, in spite of basic textures at best, looks at home in the highly-detailed world.

The Nintendo NX, though it may lack the power of a console like the PS4, should be wholly Unreal Engine 4 compatible.

And it’s a good thing.

Feature image courtesy of FaisalAden

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Unreal Engine 4: the home of Sonic and Mario

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