Wait, Xbox One mouse and keyboard support

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If you didn’t already know yet, the Xbox One will be getting its own version of Windows 10. However, what has not been made clear is what the OS will have support for.

Apparently, according to the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer, Windows 10 will bring with it full support for keyboards and mice on the Xbox One.

Spencer confirmed in a Twitter post that Xbox One will receive support for keyboards and mice, in order to help stream games from PCs. In turn, this would transform Xbox One into more of PC than any competitor, such as the PS4.

He revealed this in the post:

Keyboard and mouse support for Xbox would need to be there for this [streaming of PC games to Xbox One] to work, those are not far away.

With this, the Xbox One has a major competitive advantage over the PS4 with streaming PC games to Xbox One.

Effectively this means the Xbox One can now run real-time strategy games and other genre games not suited to consoles.

And if you recall, Windows 10 will mean cross-play with PCs in a number of titles, among a number of features, and if Xbox One gamers are to effectively compete with PC gamers, they’re going to need the peripherals to do so.

On top of this, it helps Microsoft gain market traction for applications and games for Windows 10, which is another positive.

Microsoft appears to be aggressively expanding the market appeal of  Xbox One and will slowly, but surely, improve its popularity among gamers.

Although, it is not certain how Microsoft will differentiate the Xbox One from what PCs have to offer, and that may prove problematic.

But it’s awesome to see Microsoft stepping it up with the Xbox One with what features the console offers.

We just wonder. If it will be next to impossible to avoid Windows 10 updates for the PC, then might this be the case for the Xbox One.

Source: KitGuru

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Wait, Xbox One mouse and keyboard support

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