Major Dying Light expansion is teased during 180 Days of Content montage

Dying Light

Released during January of this year, Dying Light is easily one of Techland’s most successful games to date, and for good reason.

Its parkour mechanics were fun, and added a lot of dynamism, it was fairly horrifying at night, the story was worth seeing through and its looting, crafting and combat systems made for a more enjoyable game than Dead Island ever was.

Best of all, Techland has dedicated themselves to making Dying Light a richer, more encompassing experience by offering a good amount of content through updates, both free and paid.

They’ve taken the community’s feedback into consideration and crafted a number of interesting, enjoyable post-launch releases, particularly the mod creation tools for PC.

In celebration of that, and to announce something they’ve been working on for some time now, Techland has released this ‘180 Days of Content’ montage.

We’re really excited to finally be able to show this major project we’ve been secretly working on since the release of the game. This is Dying Light from totally new angle, but with everything fans love about the original still at the core,” said Dying Light’s producer, Tymon Smektala. Dying Light

A large expansion is great news for us, especially if it holds true to that brief teaser at the end of the video. The countryside is a great new avenue for Dying Light’s expansion.

Urban sprawl is great and all, but every zombie game that has ever been made, almost, is based within a city or two.

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Major Dying Light expansion is teased during 180 Days of Content montage

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