MGS V will look a lot better on PC: a difference of night and day

MGS V will look a lot better on PC - a difference of night and day

As statements go, that’s about as obvious as it gets. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will obviously look best on PC. That’s what you get from a platform that comes at a premium.

Thanks to Konami and some recently released graphical comparison screenshots, it’s pretty much confirmed.

So if it’s hardly a rare occurrence for multiplatform gaming, why are we reporting it?

For one thing, we adore our PCs, they’re our go-to platforms and we love nothing more than giving the platform some love. For another, we spent a good deal of money on our gaming builds and any reason to justify them is a worthwhile cause to us.

More than anything, however, what grabbed us most is that there’s a bigger difference between the visuals of the PC and PS4 versions of the game than there is between PS4 and PS3.

Courtesy of higher resolution textures, a much higher rate of anti-aliasing and a lot more pixel pushing power in general, the PC version of MGS V is something else.

MGS V - Graphical Comparison - Steam PC - Day


MGS V - Graphical Comparison - PS4 - Day


The much higher resolution, 3840 x 2160 (4K) for PC versus the PS4’s 1920 x 1080 (1080p), offers a number of advantages.

Surfaces, particularly the roads and abandoned structure in this comparison, display much more detail, and that detail carries on further into the background.

MGS V - Graphical Comparison - PC vs. PS4 - Road Surface

PC (left) vs. PS4 (right).

The PS4’s inferior anti-aliasing has also degraded the detail of the surfaces like the roads in the background – take a look at the road behind the solider in the PC shot and the soldiers in the PS4 shot as an example.

MGS V - Graphical Comparison - PC vs. PS4 - Abandoned Structure

PC (left) vs. PS4 (right).

Those same levels anti-aliasing, or difference thereof, have made for decidedly more detailed foliage in the PC screenshot.

Finally, for those who know what to look for, you can see that the PS4 version has made a small graphical blunder, having lit the inside of the building when it should be in the shade.

MGS V - Graphical Comparison - Steam PC - Night


MGS V - Graphical Comparison - PS4 - Night


The difference between the two versions is even more pronounced at night.

All you need do is take a look at the textures below the steps in either version. Again, the PC sports a heck of a lot more detail in each texture. Moreover, many of the shadows cast in the PC version remain pristine; the PS4’s suffer from degradation.

MGS V - Graphical Comparison - PC vs. PS4 - Stairs

PC (left) vs. PS4 (right).

Perhaps the largest difference is portrayed in this final comparison shot. The PC version boasts far more light sources, each of which is of a much higher level of detail.

Just take a look at the structure on the left, in the background of each shot or in this comparison shot. It’s almost a night and day sort of difference.

MGS V - Graphical Comparison - PC vs. PS4 - Distance and Light Sources

PC (left) vs. PS4 (right).

The container textures, and everything else besides, stay clear off into the background on the PC version while suffering on the PS4.

Okay, so perhaps it’s unfair to say that the PC boasts as big a difference as there is between the two console generations, but it’s pretty close.

If you’re interested in seeing the differences between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 or PS4 and PS3, then head on over to Konami’s site and check them out for yourself.

Either way, it makes a lot of sense that the PC version is getting so much love these days. It’s quickly become one of the most profitable platforms for the likes of EA and Ubisoft, and Konami undoubtedly knows that.

Source: Konami Japan

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MGS V will look a lot better on PC: a difference of night and day

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