Seriously cool: Chatroulette transformed into a real life first-person shooter

Chatroulette transformed into a real life first-person shooter

As we hotly anticipate the day the zombie scourge finally engulfs the planet in a blanket of flesh eating anarchy, we fondly enjoy whatever scrumptious zombie material we can get our hands on – perhaps most enjoyable of all are the videogames.

Videogames give us a taste of the zombie apocalypse without the concern of zombies inevitably tasting us. That said, they lack something other media forms have nailed down, a real life tone.

But what if you could combine videogames with live action zombie slaying?

Popular video production YouTube channel Realm Pictures has produced, quite possibly, the first real life first-person shooter videogame.


Realm Pictures used the power of Chatroulette – is something we never thought we’d say – to allow those who connect to them to play a live action, interactive zombie FPS.

In order to make the whole endeavour work, they used a bike helmet with a GoPro camera attached to capture the footage necessary and a Teradek Cube transmitter box to transcode and transmit that footage directly to a laptop.

That footage was given a few post-processing visual effects via the laptop, giving it a FPS-like UI and even a few QTE commands, and then sent to the user on the other side of Chatroulette.

As the person chatting to Realm Pictures gave commands, the “character” within this interactive zombie world would respond in kind – he of course added a little flair and made sure to keep his actions within the confines of the game.

But perhaps most important was the fact that everyone involved, from character to zombies, all played their part really rather well.

Throw in a lot of production value and you get the coolest video project we’ve seen in a good long while.

To see how they did the whole thing, Realm Pictures invites you to watch the ‘Behind the Scenes’ / Making of video here.

Is this the coolest zombie videogame ever? Quite possibly.

Is this the best thing to happen to Chatroulette? Freaking yes! And by a long way.

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Seriously cool: Chatroulette transformed into a real life first-person shooter

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