The Following plays like Dying Light, only it’s bigger and better

Dying Light: The Following

It’s pretty obvious by now just how excited we are for Dying Light’s sizable expansion, The Following.

Everything we loved about Dying Light plus a whole lot more is a hard formula to get wrong, particularly when The Following has been crafted from community feedback and the lessons learnt during the development of Dying Light.

It all results in an expansion that for the most part is the game we suspect Dying Light was always meant to be.

It’s hard to argue with a newly introduced crossbow; new firearms and gameplay tweaked to better accommodate for these new weapons; more schematics for tasty new melee weaponry; a karma system; and even a mysterious cult to deal with.

See for yourself:

Dying Light: The Following is free for all Season Pass holders. Alternatively, it’s priced at $14.99 (approximately R200 thanks to the shockingly low strength of the Rand at the moment).

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The Following plays like Dying Light, only it’s bigger and better

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