Confirmed: Konami are petty, spiteful children


This latest news is one of the cruddiest things Konami has done with regards to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and former employee Hideo Kojima. 

The issue with microtransactions is one thing and the PC retail disc is another, but this takes the cake for its display of sheer spite and pettiness on behalf of Konami.

After Hideo Kojima retweets a fan-made of Metal Gear Solid V, Konami in their glorious reasoning filed a copyright claim, the end result that the image was removed from Twitter.

Konami Tweet

Image courtesy of PS4Daily.

Konami just appear to be digging their hole even deeper, as they continue their downfall.

It’s no secret that Kojima and Konami are not on good terms, but pity actions such as the above are purely unsavoury.

These are interesting times and seeing what Konami will do post-Metal Gear Solid V is very intriguing for us.

We hope that they won’t continue shoveling themselves deeper, but we can only hope at this point in time.

Source: PS4Daily

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Confirmed: Konami are petty, spiteful children

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