Dark Souls III has a launch date

Dark Souls III - Japan Launch Date

To be fair, what Dark Souls III actually has is a launch date in Japan – that’s March 24h, 2016.

We know, we know; you don’t live in Japan, but we’re willing to bet that Dark Souls III will launch around the same time for the West.

Sure, Dark Souls I, launched around two weeks earlier in Japan, but Dark Souls II had a worldwide release.

Dark Souls III - Japan Launch Date - Screenshot

Oh, and we probably should have mentioned earlier but it looks like the PC release of Dark Souls III will be staggered when compared to the Xbox One and PS4 releases.

One possible positive is that DarkSouls.JP does suggest that the launch date for the PC version of the game will be announced alongside the western release date for Xbox One and PS4, so perhaps the PC version is only staggered in Japan.

We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we.

Dark Souls III - Cover Art and Extras

Source: DarkSouls.jp

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Dark Souls III has a launch date

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