Relax, EA isn’t buying CD Projekt RED

The Witcher 3

If you didn’t already know, The Witcher 3 was much cheaper to produce than expected.

But this doesn’t mean CD Projekt RED couldn’t do with more money, and an EA takeover is one way of getting those bigger budgets. This is what one rumour was purporting.

Originally, DSOGaming  reported that someone from the CD Projekt RED development team had revealed that studio was is in discussions with EA about a takeover.

To further the reliability of his claim, the employee provided a payslip as evidence that he worked at the studio, though that was never the issue we had with the rumour.

Of course, the rumour didn’t seem all that unbelievable to some people due to the the success of The Witcher 3, and with games like Cyberpunk 2077 in development an EA-sized budget wouldn’t hurt the development of such an ambitious game.

However, this rumour has been dismissed by CD Projekt RED’s Marcin Momot who said this via Twitter:

CD Projekt RED’s chief executive, Adam Kicinski, joined in on the studio’s forums to issue and issued a denial of note about the whole affair, saying:

Usually we don’t comment on rumours, but it’s time to deny the one about the takeover because its spread too far. In the name of the board, I would like to state: No, we are not in any talks about the sale of CD Projekt RED or GOG. Also, the document verifying the identity/credentials of the source is not real.

So there you have it, you can now relax. CD Projekt RED aren’t becoming EA’s minions as many were speculating today.

Now we can all de-stress and move on with our lives.

Source: DSO Gaming, Game Watcher

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Relax, EA isn’t buying CD Projekt RED

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