Local retailer leaks The BioShock Collection


Local online retailer Raru is at again with another leak, which this time happens to be none other than The BioShock Collection for PS4 and Xbox One. But be warned the link is dead now.

However, this leak became big news when word spread to big international gaming forums like NeoGAF and South African social media circles.

It was inevitable that 2K would release an remastered BioShock collection. With Irrational Games all but closed and Ken Levine moving onto independent development with a much smaller team, this just makes sense.

Although at this time, this remains just a leak and a rumour. Yet the possibility of this rumour being true is pretty damn high to us.

We really think it would be awesome to see these games make their way to Xbox One and PS4. What are your thoughts? Share them in the comments below.

Of course, you can just play all the BioShock games on PC in awesome quality. But this is still an interesting development, nonetheless.

Source: The Games Cabin

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Local retailer leaks The BioShock Collection

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