Gordon Freeman is dead; there will be no Half-Life 3 suggests Mad Max

There’s no point in asking if you’ve ever wondered or questioned the fate or absence of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or Half-Life 3 because of course you have – you probably still do.

Well it seems that, according to Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max at least, Gordon Freeman is dead.

It’s of course just an easter egg, but it’s one worth checking out all the same.

It consists of a gratuitously placed crate, in and among a number of boxes and marked with a fairly obvious “3”. There’s also the charred remains of a bespectacled man (Gordon, is that you?) and a severed arm holding tightly onto a crowbar.

Mad Max - Half-Life 3 Easter Egg

Mad Max - Half-Life 3 Easter Egg

If you’re keen on finding the easter egg yourself, a YouTube channel by the name of Reeve has the video you need.

Taking the uncovered remains of Gordon Freeman seriously for one second, because we can, it poses a number of questions.

  • Is the 3 drawn from Gordon’s own blood, his final dying message?
  • If so, is it a sign of regret, Gordon having passed before starring in one final Half-Life?
  • Or has Half-Life 3 indeed been made in his life time; keep in mind that it’d be our future given that Mad Max’s post-apocalyptic word takes place in our distant future, supposedly.
  • And if the events of Half-Life 3 have taken place, might we assume that humanity’s war with the combine was the real reason for this post-apocalyptic word; or had Gordon saved the world, only to be consumed by another apocalypse?

So many questions.

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Gordon Freeman is dead; there will be no Half-Life 3 suggests Mad Max

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