Ubisoft publishes another broken game

Might & Magic Heroes VII

Ubisoft is always assuring us that they’ve learnt from their past mistakes, but it doesn’t change the fact the Ubisoft has continued to release or publish broken games, most notably with the Assassin’s Creed games.

Ubisoft has continued with this most annoying of trends, and their latest game, Might and Magic Heroes VII, doesn’t work very well at all. Worst of all, there were warning signs that the game needed a lot of patchwork when the beta received a mixed reception, but it seems that a lot of our feedback went unheard because those bugs are still present.

With Might and Magic Heroes VII finally released, its reception on Steam has been less than positive, with both user and critical reviews painting a less than lukewarm opinion.

We will admit that it may not all be down to Ubisoft, the publishers rather than the developers of the title, but you you have to admit that it happens an awful lot when Ubisoft is involved.

In particular, people are commenting that the game has performance issues, lacks hero customisation options, suffers from problematic animations and there’s a heck lot of bugs on top of everything, bugs reported during the beta.

This sounds like the game was, once again, rushed out of the door before it was given the polish or optimising it needed.

And even if Black Hole Entertainment as well as Limbic Entertainment (the game’s developers) were being negligent and ignoring user feedback, Ubisoft, as the publisher, should have made sure the game was polished in spite; it’s their license after all.

Here are a couple examples of some of the Steam user reviews as well as negative reception the game is receiving:

Might & Magic® Heroes® VII

Issues and bugs prevail, all of which haven’t been fixed since the beta.


Might & Magic® Heroes® VII

The price to performance ratio for the game is terrible.


Might & Magic Heroes VII

And even more disappointment for users hoping for a playable game.


While Steam users appear to be reacting badly to the release of Might and Magic Heroes VII, critics are giving a more middle-of-the road reception to the game.

However, there are still some valid criticisms, which you can see below.

Gameranx revealed that the game isn’t that much of a refinement over predecessors, saying:

Might & Magic Heroes VII isn’t enough of a refinement over VI to justify purchase if you already own that game…It’s a bit half-baked, but it’s still Heroes – in this case, an old, scarred, veteran hero near the back of the tavern, who’s desperately hoping you haven’t heard all his stories just yet.

Another site We Got This Covered stated that the game is its “own worst enemy”, arguing:

I absolutely don’t think that Might & Magic Heroes VII is a bad game, but it’s definitely one that is its own worst enemy…The visual struggles and the game’s apparently refusal to easily open the experience to new players are major disappointments, though, and it’s these failings that could ultimately see it fail to reach any audience outside the series’ already faithful players.

At the end of the day, Might & Magic Heroes VII is still broken and the user base is unsatisfied.

Given that the PC market is Ubisoft’s second highest earner, you would think they should definitely be paying more attention to their PC releases. This just doesn’t make much business sense, not in the long run at any rate.

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Ubisoft publishes another broken game

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