Riding mammoths and fighting saber-toothed tigers: Far Cry Primal

Riding mammoths and fighting saber-toothed tigers: Far Cry Primal

A new Far Cry was revealed yesterday, and we’re pretty excited about it.

A livestream showing a cave-painting hinted at some kind of Palaeolithic (or prehistoric in layman’s terms) setting, illustrating a hunter-warrior type in the centre of scenes involving savage combat between man and ancient beast.

Also depicted is a myriad of strange rituals and sacrifices typical of the often esoteric series.

IGN Turkey’s Twitter account prematurely spilled the beans on just what exactly we’re looking at here: It’s called Far Cry Primal and much like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, it’s a wilder Far Cry. And this time, it’s set in the ice age.

IGN Turkey - Far Cry Primal

Before their account was suspended, this is what the leak looked like.

I have always hoped that Far Cry would release a title set in a time before guns or technology. These games have shown a great affinity for savagery and tribalism, and always seemed to wish for a completely primal setting.

Primal will have you pitted against sabre-toothed tigers, ancient rhinoceroses and mammoths. It seems as if it will use Far Cry 4 as its platform in the same way Blood Dragon used Far Cry 3.

A New Far Cry Revealed - Old School

Clubbing used to have a completely different definition.

If you think about it, Far Cry 4 could have been called Humans vs. Animals, which is why it’s the perfect base for a game like this.

I’ve never encountered more vicious fauna in a game, and every NPC seemed to be constantly being murdered by badgers and eagles.

Take this ferociousness and apply it to their more powerful prehistoric counterparts and we’ve got the next freaking level of inter-species warfare, especially if you’ve traded in your flamethrowers and grenade launchers for spears and clubs.

A New Far Cry Revealed - Saber-toothed tiger

Sharpen your spears and get your torches ready!

It will be awesome to play a Far Cry based around bludgeoning and rock-hurling, ramming spears into the stomachs of enemies and being gored by mammoths. It’s definitely going to be the most violent and trippy title in the series.

What do you think about this new direction?

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Riding mammoths and fighting saber-toothed tigers: Far Cry Primal

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