Videogame worlds vs. the real world: an infographic and size comparison

It’s a question we always ask when it comes to any open world title: just how big is it? More than that, we’re forever curious as to just how big any videogame world is in comparison to the one we currently occupy, the real world.

It’s for that reason that many videogame developers have attempted to sell the appeal of their worlds with numbers and raw distance, or at the very least provide a sense of scale for us to compare it with.

With so many open world games of late, and through history we suppose, Visualistan has created an infographic that compares the size of real world locations to the worlds of videogames – it’s really quite interesting actually.

Check it out:

Game Worlds vs. Real World - A Matter of Size - Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Visualistan.

ARMA II’s world is absurd. Remember, it’s been built by hand rather than procedurally generated like the world in Daggerfall, which makes it that much more difficult to do.

But even relatively small worlds in comparison, like that of Just Cause 2 and The Witcher 3, are no less impressive.

In fact, we’d say smaller worlds are far more impressive, requiring far less man hours to produce and populate with interesting detail and distractions or things to do.

All image credit goes to Visualistan.

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Videogame worlds vs. the real world: an infographic and size comparison

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