Open-world dog simulation game Home Free reaches Kickstarter goal

Open-world dog simulation game reaches Kickstarter goal - Home Free

Gaming has given us the opportunity to play as just about anything – goats, ants and even European bus drivers (exciting), but one obvious beast that has often been overlooked is none other than our canine friend.

Well, we may just have the ultimate dog game on our hands, as Home Free, a new successfully-funded Kickstarter game that lets players take control of a dog lost in a randomly generated city.

In Home Free, players will need to find food, a safe place to sleep and friends (both human and four-legged) with the eventual goal to find a home. There’s also multiplayer in the form of a 4-player dog park arena.

The Kickstarter campaign has just over two weeks remaining and has raised just under $74,000 of its initial $50,000 goal. If $80,000 is made, NPC cats will be added to the game (a must, if you think about it).

Home Free is set for a release on PS4, PC and Mac in 2016.

Check out the trailer below:

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Open-world dog simulation game Home Free reaches Kickstarter goal

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