Windows 10 to implement advertising

Windows 10 to implement advertising

Distributing Windows 10 for free was a stroke of brilliance for Microsoft as the OS has reached more than 110 million devices in relatively no time at all.

But it’s time for Microsoft to earn some of that money back on their investment, and part of that plan seems to be discrete advertising placed around the OS’ interface – you didn’t think you’d get the operating system for nothing at all, did you?

Fudzilla is reporting that the latest preview build of Windows 10, Build 10565, has begun testing for advertising.

No mention was made on the announcement for the build over on the Windows Blog, but that’s likely because Microsoft’s PR team thought it better not to advertise just yet.

Fortunately, until the advertising brass enforces less control on us and grants them more access, advertising only takes up real estate on the Start Menu and in the app store, and you can turn it off – for the moment.

Annoyingly, Microsoft is harvesting your OS and PC for data, so expect to be target by personalised ads fairly frequently.

And if it makes advertising on the OS more viable, expect more harvesting to be done and to continue on into the future.

Source: Fudzilla

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Windows 10 to implement advertising

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