Fallout 4 map fully revealed

Fallout 4

Despite Pete Hines’ screams of agony at the prospect of more Fallout 4 leaks, the full map of Fallout 4 was just leaked. Go figure.

This map leak surfaced following some other major Fallout 4 leaks including perks, screenshots, gameplay and a whole lot more.

We really shouldn’t need to tell you this, but before you take a loot at the map consider the spoilerific implications.

Fallout 4 map

Fallout 4 is going to be huge! Colour us impressed. Image courtesy of GameRevolution.

This particular Fallout is set in Boston, Massachusetts, and the screenshots of the map were taken via a Pip-Boy while inside Power Armour. Doing so makes the map much larger on-screen, even if you only see sections of the map.

Following this, screenshots were stitched together to create an image of the full map. An estimated length key has been included in the bottom right of the image.

The key was put there to give an idea of the entire size of the map, which is suggested to be around 145,800 square feet. Some fans have suggested that these estimates, provided by GameRevolution, may be off.

Either way, the map of Fallout 4  is huge indeed and is speculated to be roughly three times the size of Skyrim’s already sizable map.

Having looked at the map ourselves, it’s really not that big of a spoiler as it’s not populated with locations, we’d have to agree with that assessment.

Any way you look at Fallout 4‘s map, it’s a beast, and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game.

Source: GameRevolution

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Fallout 4 map fully revealed

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