New store Black Hammer Gaming opened

Nowadays, we have so many online computer stores competing for our hard earned cash and the small fish joining the pond may find it difficult to make an impact.

This is particularly true when you consider competition in the likes of Wootware and Rebel Tech.

A new computer gaming store has joined the fray and they are Black Hammer Gaming. They position themselves as one of the new and leading gaming computer and component suppliers in South Africa.

Arguing that they will expertly advise and supply a whole range of various and customised high-end gaming machines, notebook systems and related components at competitive prices.

All of which will be premium equipment for the “gaming fraternity” they’re targeting, but they’re also able to cater to tech enthusiasts at the same time.

But what is awesome is that Black Hammer Gaming are currently running two competitions in celebration of their launch.

The first competition has a graphics card up for grabs, in this case a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970. All you need to do is follow this link and enter.

GTX 970

The other giveaway is also quite something indeed.

If you make a purchase on the site before the 13th of December you could be one of two people to walk away with one of two Cooler Master CM Scout II Cases.

Win CM Storm Scout II Cases

We definitely suggest checking Black Hammer Gaming out and seeing what they’re all about.

There are also some other really cool deals going especially on Steam with their Weeklong Deals, despite Steam Sales abandoning daily deals and flash sales.

Source: DieGrootHammer (Thanks for sharing this), Black Hammer Gaming

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New store Black Hammer Gaming opened

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