PS4 will officially support remote play for PC

Official PS4 Remote Play

Following the development of unofficial PS4 Remote Play Support for the PC, Sony has revealed that they, themselves, are working on official Remote Play for the PC.

Sony head Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the news via a Tweet.

Coming to both PC as well as Mac, we imagine that Sony’s solution will be a damn sight more capable than the unofficial application, if only because the unofficial app uses an Android emulator.

Direct streaming without software emulation should offer flat-out better performance and a application which should natively handle the many resolutions available to PCs, something Android emulation can struggle with.

Either way, Remote Play for the PS4 to PC is going to happen. It’s taken longer than expected, but it’s better late than never.

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  • Joe

    Pc and Mac support. So it won’t be restricted exclusively to Win 10 like xb1. Sorry MS, but Sony just trumped you again 🙂

  • Yusuf Desai

    Now we just require official DS4 support on PC as well!

  • Smuroh

    will most probably get hate for this but it just feels like they are copying Microsoft first with Backwards compatibility (which they said they would never do) and now with PC remote play.

  • Smuroh

    I don’t see how it trumps MS, MS are working on an all in one system with fluid play for me it just feels like Sony are doing this to keep on par with MS, because Sony went back on their backwards compatibility comment of “gamers don’t want it so they will never do it”.

  • Vorastra

    TBH, who cares? This is how all products mature. The competition does something, you have to try and offer it as well and vice-versa. The consumer wins either way.

  • Vorastra

    Official yes, but in the meantime use SCP.

  • Smuroh

    Very true, and by now everyone have already jumper onto the product they want to use, i guess it was just a personal observation i had, but your right its not really important, it all boils down to business and what is going to make them money.

  • JoE

    That’s what I’m currently using but hit and miss depending on BT drivers.

  • Alex de Koker

    Lets hope its 1080p 60FPS with surroundsound

  • Vorastra

    Well not BT drivers. It’s hit and miss regarding the actual BT dongle. SCP replaces the BT drivers with it’s own.

    There’s a new guy who maintains and updates SCP called Nefarius. Check out his new version. I don’t personally use his new one since it has on issue of not starting the service upon restart on my PC.

    New UI, just clikc Install and it determines what BT dongle you have.

  • Blapartheid Zulu

    “Direct streaming without software emulation should offer !fat! better performance” , WOW FAT better performance! Damn! can’t wait for my pc to do the ANC thing, fat performance!

  • JoE

    Thanks! Will give it a try.

  • Joe

    Typical fanboy response. Micrococks were hailed as the kings of legacy support. Now they insist you need to be on their latest platform to make use of a feature that is easily scalable to their older platforms. Know how I know this? Because Sony did it…

    And really? Sony keeping on par? Micropoes are just doing whatever they can to try and make up numbers since they’re getting crushed in sales by a superior gaming console. All the gimmicks in the world can’t save their sinking ship. Don’t believe me? Wait till you see a PS4 on takealot daily deals vs an xbox 1. Ps4 is sold out within the hour. Xbox would be lucky to ship 10 units.

  • Smuroh

    Why would i wait? i already have the console i want. Dude you seem to have a bit of a grudge against MS, everything we say comes from personal preference nothing more nothing less, you have yours and I have mine.

  • Joe

    Nah it isn’t personal preference… ps4 is the superior console and there’s no argument against that. You’re basically a stupid argument like “I prefer an i3 cpu for gaming over an i5 because it’s personal preference” one is notably weaker than the other. That’s just a fact.

  • moremhz

    lets be kids..and my pc trumps your shitty console cos it can stream already, even to my raspberry pi.

  • Joe

    Yeah. At 3 times the price

  • moremhz

    well, do yourself a favour and look around at pc game sale prices on steam, humble bundle and cdkeys. that should offset the price you will be paying for console games. im no fanboy, just came from xbox 360 and ps3, decided to go pc 4 months ago and never looked back. and no, not 3 times the price, not even double. you only need a mid range pc to better a console. I’ll miss uncharted and bloodborne though, but that’s fine.

  • Joe

    Yeah. And you’ll miss Arkham Knight. Face it. Pc platform is dying. Devs consider pc an after thought. I’ll stick with the platform where QA actually happens. Cudhi.

PS4 will officially support remote play for PC

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