Get one of BioWare’s best RPGs Jade Empire for free

Jade Empire

As we’re getting hyped about the latest Mass Effect and all of the developments surrounding it, people often forget that BioWare have developed and produced other RPGs.

One of these RPGs is the often forgotten martial arts RPG Jade Empire, which was initially released for the original Xbox and then re-released for the PC.

It’s now available on EA’s online platform, Origin, for free, but only for a limited time.

We’re not really sure when the promotion will end as EA doesn’t specify that anywhere.

Jade Empire forms part of Origin’s “On the House” giveaways which allows you to grab full games and expansions at no cost all. This is a great incentive on EA’s part to get gamers on to Origin.

This version of Jade Empire is the full version of the game, the Special Edition, and features enhancements like improved graphics, new fighting styles and enemies with far better combat, AI and even a new playable character.

The game will be yours to keep forever without any real catches.

Whether there will ever be another game in this series is up to speculation at this point, but we would love to see another game in the franchise.

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You can download Jade Empire here.

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Get one of BioWare’s best RPGs Jade Empire for free

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