Drop bombs from your freaking owl: Far Cry Primal gameplay

Far Cry Primal Gameply

You are the first to tame the beast, the Beast Master they call you; this is Far Cry Primal.

Far Cry Primal is almost certainly inspired by Far Cry 4’s Shangri-La missions, where you were granted control of Shangri-La’s guardian, the Sky Tiger, and takes a much more serious approach than Far Cry 3’s spin-off Blood Dragons.

Rather unfortunately, your pets can’t go invisible this time round, but to be fair they’re not going to be hunting demons.

Far Cry Primal definitely takes itself a lot more seriously than Blood Dragon, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s fairly brutal, offering a number of recognisable Far Cry 4 traits, but also introduces a few new mechanics.

The basic premise behind Primal is that your clan has effectively been wiped out by a neighbouring faction, and it’s up to you to whoop some ass.

Far Cry Primal

To do so, you’ll need a partner in crime, which is where your pets, the beasts of Oros come in.

As Takkar, the Beast Master, you’ll be granted the ability to tame various beasts across the world. They’re many of the same animals found in Far Cry 4, only more “primal”.

As a result, you’ll be taming beasts like wolves, jaguars, bears and sabre-toothed tigers – you’ll even have the opportunity to summon swarms of bees.

Far Cry Primal

And to make up for a lot of the variety lost when Ubisoft did away with modern weaponry, each creature offers the player unique abilities – and even a few passive bonuses.

The dire wolf, for example, growls when enemies or predators are near, as well as revealing additional territory in your map and minimap.

Meanwhile, the cave bear will attract your opponent’s aggression and the jaguar will assassinate enemies without alerting others in the area.

Far Cry Primal

You’ll also have the option to ride many of the beasts you tame, which is freaking cool, and yes, that does include the mammoth.

Best of all, you’ve got your own personal owl, capable of scouting the area as well as granting you vision from the perspective of your owl.

But that’s not all. You can command your beasts from air as your owl swoops across the battlefield, have your owl attack enemies and even drop a variety of bombs from your owl – we bet you’re a little jealous Hedwig.

Make your way from the bottom to the top of the food chain; sounds good to us.

Weirdly, these spin-offs are some of the best examples of variety from Ubisoft, and we quite enjoy them.

Animal animations are fantastic, the game still looks a treat and you get your own personal sabre-toothed tiger. We’re in.

Far Cry Primal releases for PS4 and Xbox One on February 23rd, and PC on March 1st.

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Drop bombs from your freaking owl: Far Cry Primal gameplay

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