System Shock 3 is real, as predicted

As we, and many others, predicted in mid-November, System Shock 3 is indeed real. Further evidence indicates this to be true.

A month ago, Night Dive Studios revealed they were doing a remake of the original System Shock.

It was also mentioned that they were in talks about possibly making System Shock 3.

System Shock 3

It appears that the talks were very lucrative as we now have a teaser for System Shock 3 from Otherside Entertainment, the small studio behind Ultima Underworld.

This is all started getting steam on Monday when Otherside posted a cryptic teaser page and countdown.

Following this, a member of the RPG Codex Forum proceeded to do some research and found this URL, which shows off the final teaser revealing System Shock 3.

When you look at the source for the page it says,”Join the original team behind Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.” This is obviously referring to Otherside’s Kickstarter project Underworld Ascendant.

However, in the same breath, it can be applied to System Shock as well. Then you have the final teaser which basically confirms System Shock 3 above everything else.

Add to this, the promotions link that will take you to a System Shock 3 mailing list and the game is pretty much confirmed.

We’re really excited for the game, but we’re left wondering whether Otherside is up to the task to carry on the legacy of the franchise.

What are your hopes for System Shock 3? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

Source: PCGamer

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System Shock 3 is real, as predicted

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