CS:GO skins advertised by Danny Trejo

CS:GO skins advertised by Danny Trejo

You know the trade of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins is big money when the likes of Danny Trejo is advertising the ‘Cuthroat Collection’ skin pack.

You might think, “Who’s Danny Trejo,” but he’s actually got quite the résumé on him. And consider this, how many other games do you know where in-game items traded earn enough to warrant the use of a Hollywood actor to market their stuff?

Here’s the advert in question:

The Cuthroat Collection as well as video come from Chris “C-LegFX” Le, a video creator, FX and graphics designer who’s created some fantastic looking skins for very nearly every weapon available – that includes a custom knife Trejo used to threaten the mighty Gaben.

If you’re wondering, Trejo knows Le through the film Juarez 2045, a film directed by Chris Le and starring Trejo.

And get this, it’s about a ruthless drug cartel that’s using robots to kick American solider ass.

Interesting as all of this is, perhaps Chris Le’s best creation, at least as far as we are concerned, is another set of videos found on his YouTube channel.

Have you seen his Super Dota Fighter Alpha videos?

Used to advertise skins for a number of heroes, these videos demonstrate Dota 2 heroes imagined as Street Fighter characters, and it’s fantastic.

Or how about this one?

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CS:GO skins advertised by Danny Trejo

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