Battlefield 4’s most elaborate easter egg has been discovered

While Christmas has just swiftly come and gone, it’s already time to start talking about easter eggs, but not of the chocolate bunny kind; we’re talking about the video game variant.

An intrepid soul (and downright genius) has discovered the most elaborate easter egg in Battlefield 4 yet, as arguably one of the most bizarre in any game to date.

YouTuber Jackfrags is the man who cracked the so-called “Illuminati Easter egg” – hosted in Battlefield 4’s newest map, Dragon Valley.

He detailed his quest to unlock the secret in the must-watch video below, which is a convoluted, multi-stage puzzle that requires you to bust out a pen and paper and solve several logic and code puzzles, in addition to finding hidden items around the map.

The grand prize at the end of the long, long tunnel is a special DICE camo previously reserved for employees only.

Battlefield is known for its easter eggs, but this is pretty crazy.

Check out the video below:

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Battlefield 4’s most elaborate easter egg has been discovered

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