Two separate marketing blunders use Bloodborne to advertise PC hardware

Admit it, not even Sony’s most stalwart fans would be shocked to see Bloodborne release for the PC. But don’t get your hopes up; it’s unlikely to happen.

Our question is then, what the heck are hardware manufacturers and retailers doing using Bloodborne images to sell their wares?

They’re either using marketing teams who aren’t all that bothered with doing the research, or they’re ignorant to the pain they cause us when they remind us of what we can’t have.

We’re talking about an image used to sell an Acer Aspire Notebook in a local German newspaper. It’s probably a blunder on the retailer’s behalf.


And MSI’s use of Bloodborne, among a number of other games, as marketing for their Gaming Certified MSI Gaming Motherboards.


WCCFTech is probably right to point out that a generic image was pulled from Google when designing the page, with little to no thought on the games it contained.

A simple Google search will show that a number of sites have used the same image you’ll find below.

2015 games mashup - Bloodborne, Batman, MGSV and Witcher 3

The “console war”, which is really just competition between the likes of Sony and Microsoft, means using exclusives of some sort to compel gamers to purchase their hardware and software over the other. There’s Nintendo too, but they’re not really competing in the home console market at the moment.

For PC gamers, however, thanks to Microsoft’s newfound focus on PC gaming, we tend to get the best of both worlds. And because Sony isn’t usually bothered with their exclusives eventually arriving on the PC platform, as it rarely impacts the Xbox One’s performance, PC gamers find themselves in a very prestigious position.

After all, releasing to PC helps developers and publishers earn extra dough, which is sometimes a necessity if they’re to earn back their investment, and then some, due to the nature of releasing to a single platform.

While it’s possible that this is just a chain of unlikely mishaps pointing to a forthcoming port, it’s not something to dwell on.

We’re also willing to bet that if FromSoftware was going to release Bloodborne for PC, they’d wait for Dark Souls III to release and have some time to sell appropriately, otherwise Bloodborne would hinder sales.

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Two separate marketing blunders use Bloodborne to advertise PC hardware

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