Opening 30 minutes of Far Cry Primal: it’s pretty brutal

Far Cry Primal may use the same engine as Far Cry 4, it may even use many of the same UI prompts, storytelling techniques and general mechanics, but it’s a very different game in spite.

Far Cry Primal is Ubisoft’s attempt at a far more brutal open world experience. Yes, you’ll still have to capture outputs, craft tools and unlock skills, a staple of the Far Cry series, but it’s far more survival focussed, a lot gorier and more interesting for it.

Far Cry Primal-udam-attack-screenshots

At least, that’s a lot of what’s been said about Far Cry Primal: that the world around you is far less forgiving, particularly at night; that it stresses melee combat over ranged; and incentivises tactical approaches.

Before it releases later next month for Xbox One and PS4, and early March for PC, why not check out the opening 30 minutes of gameplay?

It’s pre-release beta footage, but makes for a well-rounded intro into Far Cry Primal, including the crafting, beast control and general world navigation.

We’ll say one thing for Far Cry Primal, it looks gorgeous. And brutal, it most certainly is.

Far Cry Primal-owl-vision-screenshots

Far Cry Primal-gatherer

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Opening 30 minutes of Far Cry Primal: it’s pretty brutal

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