A malware going around is targeting Hearthstone cheaters and hackers

Hearthstone - Cheater Malware

Getting VAC banned thanks to hidden but detectable code buried within CS:GO hacks is one thing; hiding malware within a Hearthstone hack is quite another.

Cyber security firm Symantec has discovered a malware, dubbed ‘Trojan.Coinbitclip’, within a Hearthstone hack.

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Hacks like Hearthstone Hack Tool v2.1 – Gold and Dust Generator are designed to generate Gold and Dust in place of players actually demonstrating competence or the desire to legitimately play the game.

While Blizzard makes it a point to ban anyone caught using bots or hacks, many are punished for their dishonest methods via a malware that scours your PC for Bitcoin addresses, replacing them with useless addresses in turn.

The other malware found, most commonly found in deck tracers, gives the distributor of the malware access to your keystrokes, passwords and webcam.

Granted, deck tracers don’t give players that much of an advantage, but they’re still a bit of a grey area – even if they’re used regularly by professional players streaming on Twitch.

None of this proves any sort of vigilantism. In fact, there’s a good chance the malware is distributed within Hearthstone hacks simply because of how popular they are.

Still, are they worth losing privacy or any semblance of cyber security over? We don’t think so.

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A malware going around is targeting Hearthstone cheaters and hackers

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