Fallout 4 DLC to be announced soon

Fallout 4 DLC to be announced soon

Fallout 4’s season pass seriously annoyed us – its undisclosed DLC, a worrying indictment of things to come.

And yet, the sheer joy derived from the countless hours we’ve invested into it has us wondering what’s next.

According to a tweet by Bethesda, an announcement for the DLC to come isn’t far off.

Whether Bethesda is referring to announcing their plans for the entire season pass or but a single piece of DLC, we’re unsure.

What we do know is that they’re working on overhauling the game’s Survival Mode.

We’re hoping the overhaul made to Fallout 4’s survival mechanics are free, integrated via an update or two.

The DLC needs to contain a lot more than tweaked numbers or a couple new, lightweight mechanics.

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Fallout 4 DLC to be announced soon

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