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Remember when we said you should avoid purchasing Fallout 4’s season pass for its new price of $49.99, at least until they announce what the DLC actually entails? Of course you do, we just said it.

Or, you could always get Fallout 4’s DLC for free.

That’s right, for the first time ever, Bethesda is going to beta test its products by releasing the forthcoming DLC early for approved beta testers.

Best of all, besides the potential for far more polished content, is that approved beta testers will be allowed to keep any DLC they’re granted access to.

“Want a chance to play these add-ons early? We’ll be running closed betas for each of the add-ons for consoles and PC,” says Bethesda.

Applicants will be selected over the next few weeks, and those selected will be given access to the full version of the DLC, complete with achievements and free of charge.

It’s for both PC as well as console gamers, so what are you waiting for. Sign up today.

We’re still not endorsing Bethesda’s latest approach to DLC and season passes, but without paying a cent you avoid the disappointment of purchasing DLC you find out later you don’t want.

For those who aren’t selected, for Gaben’s sake do not purchase the season pass once its price is bumped up to $49.99 – that is, until you know what content this new DLC will contain.

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Get Fallout 4’s DLC for free

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