Takealot offering epic Unboxed Deals and gaming discounts

Unboxed Deals

Do you care whether something you’re buying is unboxed? If not, Takealot’s newly launched Unboxed Deals could be right up your alley.

You can get awesome discounts on products that have been “returned and shop soiled”, according to Takealot.

Unboxed Deals

Of course, as Takealot states, these products can show signs of slight use, minor cosmetic imperfections and may lack original packaging.

However, Takealot does say that where product packaging is missing, they may replace the packaging to further protect the item in question.

Unboxed Deals can be returned within 30 days, per Takealot’s returns policy.

These deals can also be replaced with a product of the same type, if a particular product is available as an Unboxed Deal at the time of your request.

On top of this, all Unboxed Deals are quality checked and evaluated before being made available for purchase.

So you can rest assured that all products put on sale are checked and are of a good condition.

Unboxed Deals are not the only cool sales initiative Takealot are currently running.

Gaming Flash Sale

At the moment, you can save up to 60% on games, gaming-related products, hardware and accessories with Takealot’s latest gaming Flash Sale.

Check out both Takealot’s Unboxed Deals and the most recent gaming Flash Sale, and get great savings on some of your gaming favourites.

We’ll certainly be browsing through some of the deals and making a couple of purchases. How about you? Tell us in the comments and forum below.

Source: Takealot

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Takealot offering epic Unboxed Deals and gaming discounts

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