Overwatch’s first animated short released

Blizzard have released their first animated short for Overwatch, featuring the story of Winston – a genetically-engineered gorilla scientist and playable character in Blizzard’s upcoming game. The short is titled ‘Recall’, and aims to give some insight into the world of Overwatch while developing the stories of the different characters who will feature in the game.

The ‘Recall’ animated short showcases the high-production value which Blizzard’s cinematics have shown in the past, such as Diablo’s trailers or Starcraft’s in-game cinematics.

Blizzard have announced that these animated shorts will be regularly released as the launch date for Overwatch approaches, and will be accompanied by a series of comics which will feature stories set in the world of Overwatch.

Overwatch features gameplay elements from both the first-person-shooter and the MOBA genre, and is Blizzard’s attempt to bring something new to the gaming scene.

The game is described as a team-based first-person-shooter, which is a similar description to games like Team Fortress 2. However, the playable characters and hero ability mechanics have similarities with games such as as Dota 2 or Smite.

Overwatch is an upcoming first-person, team-based shooter developed by Blizzard, which is set to release on 24 May on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Here is Overwatch’s first animated short:

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Overwatch’s first animated short released

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