Quantum Break isn’t getting a resolution update

Quantum Break

Over this weekend, we learned that Remedy’s highly anticipated game Quantum Break will be running at a resolution of 720p on the Xbox One.

The reasons behind the drop in resolution were investigated in a hands-on done by Digital Foundry.

The video below, provided by Digital Foundry, explains exactly what’s going on with Quantum Break‘s resolution on the Xbox One version:

Website Gaming Bolt contacted Remedy, the developers behind the game, to confirm what the exact resolution would be for the final product.

Remedy responded to Gaming Bolt with the typical “no comment” response we’ve come to expect from many AAA developers.

In the meantime, Xbox fans took to the Twitter to voice their concerns, questioning Microsoft’s Phil Spencer about why the game was being rendered at a resolution of 720p.

Spencer didn’t directly comment on Quantum Break‘s final resolution, but only said the following below in response to fans’ questions:

However, there were reports surfacing across the internet that the game will receive a day one patch.

These reports claimed that the day one patch could improve Quantum Break‘s resolution before most Xbox One copies reached gamers’ hands.

Sadly, all these rumours were dispelled by Remedy’s Thomas Puha who said the following on Twitter:

According to Puha, there will be a day one patch, but it won’t improve the graphics of the game in any tangible way.

Puha also managed to sidestep any confirmation about the final resolution of the game upon release. 

Quantum Break was meant to be a graphical powerhouse Xbox One release that was going to show off the visual capabilities of Microsoft’s console.

At the moment, the PC port is surpassing the Xbox One version of Quantum Break, but even the PC version is limited running at 1080p locked at 30fps, which should also take PC fans by surprise. 

Tell us what you think about this whole fiasco. Share your thoughts below in the comments and forum. 

Source: Gaming Bolt, EuroGamer, ExtremeTech

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Quantum Break isn’t getting a resolution update

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