Far Cry Primal set to get a survival mode

Far Cry Primal

It appears that every game nowadays is getting some form of survival mode.

A most noteworthy example of a recent game that has received such a mode is Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and now it appears Ubisoft have taken the cue with Far Cry Primal.

This new survival mode was revealed via an announcement trailer, which you watch below:

Far Cry Primal‘s survival mode is called “Survivor Mode” and will have a number of new features to increase the overall difficulty of the game where even permadeath can be selected.

Permadeath in Far Cry Primal‘s survival mode will mean you’ll have to start a whole new game. You won’t be able to reload your game from any save point as result.

Playing the new mode will make Far Cry Primal a lot tougher in numerous ways.

For example, there will be no mini-map available, the fog of war will be far more present and your character’s movement will tied to the stamina guage.

Even fast travel consumes your food and stamina as a consequence of playing through this mode.

Ubisoft had this to say about the new mode, as follows:

To top it all off, taming beasts is becoming much more difficult. Some animals will need to be brought down to half-life before they can be baited and tamed. Make sure to take care of your pets since animals who die are gone for good. While you can always tame another leopard or wolf, creatures like the Bloodfang Sabretooth can’t ever be brought back once lost.

Luckily with “Survivor Mode”, permadeath and the difficult level will be adjustable separately. This gives players the chance to tailor the survival mode experience to their own specific needs.

However, Ubisoft has offered up a reward for anyone that is able to play the game with the Extreme difficulty on, and Survivor Mode and permadeath enables as well.

The new survival mode will be added to Far Cry Primal in an upcoming game patch scheduled for the 12th of April.

You can also a watch an official Ubisoft Twitch stream showcasing the mode on the 7th of April, to get a better understanding of what exactly the mode has to offer.

Do you think you could survive this new mode? Tell us below.

Source: PC Gamer

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Far Cry Primal set to get a survival mode

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