Bad Company 2 PC and Xbox patched, Vietnam dated

Thanks to the eagle-eyed MyGaming forumites we have learned that a massive Battlefield: Bad Company 2 patch has quietly gone up and is now available for download. Likewise, the forumites spotted that Steam is now listing the Bad Company 2 expansion, Vietnam, on pre-order, along with a release date.

The Bad Company 2 patch weighs in at around 2.6GB so warm up your connections. The patch prepares the game for the upcoming VIP Map Pack 7 and the Vietnam expansion, explaining the size.
PC server side updates will be taking place “between GMT 08:00 2010-11-30 and GMT 08:01 2010-12-01” so PC players should expect some interruptions.

The PC patch also contains a few fixes:

Acog and Red dot scope now equippable on MK-14 and G3.
Fixed an issue where the Bullet Tracers wouldn’t display.
Fixed an issue where Play Now wouldn’t work.
Added Ticket Count for Conquest end of round.
Added the server info to the objectives screen.

A number of download links for the patch can be found on the Battlefield blog.

Xbox 360 version fixes are far more abundant so we won’t publish them here. Have a look at this Battlefield blog post for more information on the Xbox 360 fixes.

Xbox 360 players might encounter some temporary outages or suffer from lag during the server updates (between GMT 09:00 2010-11-30 and GMT 09:01 2010-12-01).

Discuss the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 patch on the MyGaming forum.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam dated

We’ve known about the Vietnam expansion pack for quite some time now and we finally have some indication of a release date, coming rather clandestinely via the Bad Company 2 Vietnam Steam product page.

The date is 18 December 2010.

Purchasing via Steam will cost US$14.99 (±R106) and alternatively the expansion can be pre-purchased from the EA store for R99.99.

When purchasing through the EA store one gets a three day head start on the game, so we’re assuming it will be accessible from the 15th of December. It is unclear whether the pre-purchase bonus is available to those who buy through Steam.

Discuss Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam launch date and pre-orders on the MyGaming forum.

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Bad Company 2 PC and Xbox patched, Vietnam dated